Africa – Safety!!!

Obviously, there is nothing more important when on an Africa safari than your safety. Guests on safari are placing their very lives in the hands of the local staff of their Africa travel supplier. Every Africa safari has an element of possible danger which is part of the reason a safari is so exciting.

Your safari operators and guides will explain basic safety guidelines and etiquette to use while on a safari, and, specifically djuring a game drive. Lodges and tent camps will advise you about walking or getting from place to place while on their individual properties.

The guides and safari staff enjoy children and they will receive a lot of attention from them. However, special consideration to be given to safety especially when traveling with young children.

Africa Sunset

Africa Sunset

The finest safari guides are those who know exactly how close you can get to a specific animal out in the wild – for that stunning photo – before it’s time to leave. On many game drives, a local animal spotter will accompany the guide and guests. It’s his job to read the signs from the animals that indicate when it’s time to go. These trackers often do not speak English and talk to the guide only in their native tongue.

Talk to your doctor and local travel clinic to find out if the areas you’ll be visiting are malarial. They can also provide you with information regarding other shots you might need. Remember to take copies of your prescription drugs with you.


Finally, as with all travel, keep valuables with you, wear minimal jewelry, don’t flash a lot of money around, keep track of your credit card(s.) and be aware of your surroundings. Take only registered cabs and ask hotel staff about areas of cities and towns you should avoid.

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