Holidays – to Go…or, to Stay…


Holidays can be very stressful and often people think about going out of town for some of them. For the purposes of this article we’ll refer to “the holidays” as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. A plan is necessary because you’ll be travelling during the busiest travel season. The long Thanksgiving weekend is usually the […]

This is What Virtuoso is About…

Memories and Highlights from Sestri Levante…

Beach at Sestri Levante

It’s been almost two months since my trip to Switzerland and Italy. It seems like it was just yesterday I was checking all our trip documents for our group. Fourteen of us, aged 10 to 90, did a fabulous trip to Switzerland and Italy – 10 days of independent travel followed by a great Tauck […]

Reflections on Myanmar

Political Map of Myanmar

This is the country once known as Burma. I found it a study in contrast. On one hand a very impoverished country with dirty buildings and lots of unpaved roads; on the other hand, many beautiful temples featuring much gold in their design and a city with well maintained buildings. All set in a lush landscape.

A Fun Hotel in Singapore

Mar Sands Bay Hotel Singapore

When people heard I was heading for Singapore, I began to hear from friends and business associates about the Marina Sands Hotel. Something about three tall towers, designer shops, restaurants and an infinity pool on the top floor And, I knew I needed to schedule a tine to visit the hotel and check it out.

Memories of Paris

It had been 40+ years since I had been to the “City of Light.”  Ironically, due to an ice storm in much of the US, I had to spend an extra two days in Paris – oh, darn!  Two extra days allowed me to see the Eiffel Tower at night, Notre Dame plus a few […]

Random Thoughts of Cannes, France…

To say I was excited when I found out I was accepted to the ILTM (Int’. Luxury Travel Show in Cannes, France was an understatement!  My very first time to Cannes and yes, I was very jazzed. I skipped preparing my traditional Thanksgiving feast and  hopped a plane instead to spend two days in Cannes […]

Have you heard of Sylt…

Sylt Island

This island, which means “herring” in Danish, is located on the border of Denmark and Germany in the North Sea. Following WWI islanders voted to be free from German government and it remains an independent country today.  Only three hours from Hamburg, Sylt is connected to the German mainland by a manmade causeway which connects […]

A Few Great Beaches

Many a vacation is chosen over “the best beach” so here are a few to consider. Grace Bay Beach is on the popular Caribbean island Turks and Caicos at Provinciales. It has white sand the consistency of fine sugar and clear water with a bluish-green color. Expect to find local fishermen fishing and tourists and […]

A Few Great Rooftop Bars…

Dublin Canals

It doesn’t get much better than a glass of wine or a cold beer while watching the sun set over a cityscape from on high.  Or, a nightcap later on overlooking the bright lights of the city, or the quiet black of the water, again from on high.  Here a few terrific rooftop bars to […]

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