Morocco, aka “The Western Kingdom” as it is known in Arabic, is an emerging travel destination. Expect to be enchanted from the moment you step into this country.

With opulent cities like Marrakech and Casablanca, Morocco boasts of lavish palaces and unique mosques that paint a sparkling landscape on a golden desert canvas. Its modern architecture mixes very well with the more traditional buildings. And, it all showcases the bridge between past and present Morocco.

The cuisine of Morocco is equally diverse. Consider taking private cooking lessons during your trip and can learn how to make a delicious couscous. No doubt, they also teach you how to make their popular mint tea, Atai. A Moroccan meal is an unforgettable experience which engages all your senses. A friendly atmosphere is complemented by the scents of cumin, coriander, and saffron. Moroccan patisseries: pancakes with honey and sesame seeds, and cakes made with almonds or raisins. And each region has its own specialties.


Morocco is a country rich in nature. Desert, mountains, valleys and sea – the country has plenty to offer fans of the outdoors. Hikers of all levels will love walking the Moroccan mountains. The lakes are packed with trout waiting for amateur fishermen. The more adventuresome will want to tackle the challenges of the Middle and Upper Atlas mountains on foot, by mountain bike or in a paraglider, or to practice mountain climbing, canyoning or pot-holing. Its summits can reach 4000m high. Ifrane, the little Moroccan Switzerland, may come as a pleasant surprise with its cooler summer, winter snow and traditional “mule-ski” trails. If you’re a golfer, you will find 20 plus golf courses throughout the country.

Luxury accommodations in Morocco range from five-star hotels to self-catered apartments to private Moroccan estates (riads), or five-star camping. For an authentic Moroccan experience, riads feature beautiful enclosed courtyards with traditional architecture and lovely tile. These estates can be fully staffed during your stay. Local hotels offer the familiar luxuries of home with just a dash of Moroccan flavor.

Moroccan Temple

Moroccan Temple

The local currency is the Dirham. Currently about 7.5 dirhams equal $1. (as of this publication date.) It’s illegal to remove Moroccan currency from the country so use a credit card as much as possible.


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