Safari Packing Tips

An African safari is a bucket-list trip for many travelers. One frequently asked question  is about packing. Below are our suggested safari packing tips.


Use a soft side duffle bag and realize it will get dusty. Remember, there is a weight limit on smaller planes of about 25-30 pounds.  Bring a small backpack or bag to hold your essentials (sunscreen, camera equipment, chapstick and cash) for game drives and day excursions.



The key to packing for a safari is to packing light. Most lodges and camps offer laundry service, so you don’t have to pack a new outfit for every day.

2-3 pair of pants.
Fast drying cotton pants that can be unzipped into shorts are ideal.  It’s usually cool in the very early morning but once the sun it up, it warms up quickly. You may want to pack a pair of jeans, especially if your travel plans include a horseback safari.

Shorts: 1-2 Pair
Only if you don’t have any “convertible” pants.

Shoes: 2 Pair
2 pair of sturdy walking/hiking shoes. (Walk in these at home so they’ll be comfortable during your safari.  Plus a lightweight pair of sandals for dinner.

Tops: 3-6
Several of sleeveless shirts, t-shirts and quick-dry, long-sleeve shirts will cover all conditions. The quick-dry long sleeve shirts are good for cool morning game drives and for keeping sun off in the hot afternoons. Sleeveless shirts and T-shirts are terrific for staying cool later in the day. Mix and match is the way to go.  You may wish to add a lightweight jacket for cooler mornings.  A lightweight vest with lots of pockets eliminates the need for a purse/backpack and holds necessary items.

Undergarments: 6-8 pair
Because of religious reasons, many lodges and camps won’t launder undergarments so you’ll need to pack more of these. However, most all camps and lodges provide a basin and washing powder for you to wash your own

A lightweight, wide-brim hat, preferably with a strap. Women may want to pack a light scarf or two to protect their neck and shoulders from sun, and to dress up evening dinner wear. Sunglasses.


A miniature first aid kit is a good idea. It should include  sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), a small variety of band-aids, small packages of OTC medications (aspirin, anti-diarrhea med, antiseptic cream),  half a dozen zip lock plastic bags in medium and large sizes, hand purifier, 3-4 packages of anti-bacterial handiwipes, bug repellant, personal size toiletries and make-up for the women.

Reclining Leopard

Reclining Leopard









Good camera with extra memory card, batteries and battery charges.

Camera cleaning kit—it will be dusty, so you’ll want a wipe to keep the lens clean.

Electric Adapter & Converter



Those plastic bags are excellent for keeping your electronics dust-free.


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