Staying Healthy While Travelling

It is pretty easy to stay healthy while traveling in the US and in foreign countries. Everywhere I go, my portable sanitary wipes go with me – they’re great to wipe off an airline or train tray table along with armrests and anything else I might touch. I use them extensively in all public restrooms also. Clean your hands before with them before eating and drinking anything in any restaurant, plane, etc. Use them to clean off shopping carts and also the pens offered to you to sign your debit and credit card charges. I never touch public doorknobs, anywhere – a Kleenex or paper towel is always in my hand. I take a few plastic bags with me to collect my dirty wipes and later toss them into a garbage container. My hand sanitizer goes with me also – I just prefer to use the moistened wipes. In all hotel rooms, I spray the toilet, sink and counters with Lysol which is always packed in my luggage. On a plane, keep hydrated with bottled water and refreshing juices rather than coffee and alcoholic drinks. Take vitamins and don’t forget to pack your prescription drugs (in their own labeled bottles) plus aspirin, Advil, bandAids, stomach remedies, and the like. Happy travels!

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