Travel to Antarctica

Tourism is relatively new to this region-the first tourist to come to Antarctica did so in 1956. Since then, it has gradually become more and more popular. The tourist season here is November to March which is the area’s summer. Wildlife is usually the most active in January and December as it’s warmer then.

Here you will watch new icebergs being created from the calving off the great Ross Ice Shelf. And you’ll look for huge whales swimming through frigid waters. Plus watching the penguins – only four of the seventeen species of penguins live in Antarctica. During breeding season both male and female parents share egg and chick duty. Chicks are fed regurgitated fish and krill.


Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on earth. It lies over the South Pole, making it the southern most part of planet earth. It’s barely touched by humans with only a few scientific bases marring its natural beauty. Its surface area is 14 million square miles.

Travel to Antarctica is not easy and requires quite a bit of planning. One of the easiest ways to go is on a cruise. Many lines offer luxurious cruises to this destination, including Silversea and Lindblad Expeditions. Small ships can then take guests onto land where the penguins step up to greet you and fur seals will simply ignore you.

You can also do inland excursions to this beautiful yet wild land. Exploring the area by kayak is exhilarating. Trekking on the Ross Ice Shelf is spectacular.

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