Travel to Antarctica


Tourism is relatively new to this region-the first tourist to come to Antarctica did so in 1956. Since then, it has gradually become more and more popular. The tourist season here is November to March which is the area’s summer. Wildlife is usually the most active in January and December as it’s warmer then. Here […]

New Zealand Wines


Hawke’s Bay, on the eastern coast of North Island produces some award winning wines.  This region sustained a damaging earthquake in 1931 which raised the sea floor by eight feet. 6000+ tradesmen from around the country came to Napier, a small town in that area currently known as the Art Deco “Capital of the world.” […]

A Vacation on the Rocky Mountaineer…


Is  a feast for your senses – spectacular scenery as you gaze through over-sized windows of your luxury dome railway car…listening to an experienced tour guide explaining the history of what you’re passing through…wonderful aromas wafting up from the dining car below where you will later enjoy superb gourmet cuisine.  This is what traveling on […]


On two wheels with the open road ahead, endless possibilities for adventure abound.  Take the road less traveled and discover a whole new world.  Cycling vacations offer an intimate way to experience a region that would be missed driving or by rail.  See the California Wine Country regions of Napa/Sonoma, or Santa Barbara, ride the […]

Skiing and…

Enjoy skiing and other winter sports year round. Think you can only do these sports a few months out of the year?  Remember, the other half of the world enjoys snow and chilly weather, so perfect for winter sports, while we enjoy warm summer weather.  Imagine a week of skiing abroad during hot US summers. […]

Culinary & Wine Travel

Enjoy gourmet food and fine wines?  Why not couple that enjoyment with an extraordinary vacation featuring culinary and wine travel… It can be as simple as joining a wine cruise (Silverseas does several every year),taking a luxury escorted tour that visits wineries (Tauck Tours is one), or have us take a string of cities (in Europe) […]

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